What We Do

RallyApp is a revolutionary social media lead generation system for top real estate teams.

Social media traffic is segmented by demographics that you can use to target specific BUYERS and SELLERS. RallyApp leverages and inserts your listings into the conversations happening on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. By converting your listing into a customized, engaging, social profile – we are able to track BUYERS and SELLERS, and deliver their information directly to your CRM.

Top Listing Agent Teams

We have made agent teams a priority. We understand the value of buyer and listing agents in your teams.

RallyApp syncs each individual social media account, from your agents, to empower your group.

If a lead is having a real estate conversation in social media, RallyApp will find them. If this lead is a friend of one of your team agents, the group will be notified. If this is a new lead, you will have the opportunity to purchase this contact. The lead is always secured and that relationship is protected.


Rally App guarantees confidentiality. Our system only cross references leads to check for any matches, through the API established by each social platform. Your CRM is never accessed other than to cross reference for matches. When there is a match, you will be alerted and given a message.

Request A Sponsor - Exclusive, Invite Only

RallyApp is an invite only market place. We have created this system to identify and recognize top agents and their teams. Other media sites do not do this. Requesting sponsorship from one of our top producers and approval of your application, will guarantee your place. Request an invite and fill out your application.


Find out about costs, subscriptions and single purchases.

Agent Monthly Subscription

Subscribing gives you the opportunity to list homes and generate leads in that specific city. Your monthly subscription also includes your listing social profiles, reporting, summaries, and activity reports.

$300 Monthly fee

Team Members

Expanding your universe of connections only enhances your lead generation. By adding members to your team, you will be able to divide and assign tasks to specific people. Also, their social relationships will be added to your “team bucket” which will result in better matches and quality of leads. You can add as many members as you like and assign roles to them so that they can invite people to join and buy leads as well.

New Lead Purchases

As new leads become available, you have the right to purchase these contacts. Buy as few or as many as you like. The charge is ${{$leadPrice}} per lead and this will be delivered to your CRM at your request. Set your monthly budget and fast-track your lead generation. Some of our Top Producers have their Lender partners paying for their leads, review your RESPA guidelines.


Still not sure how it works? Watch these videos and discover all the tools we have developed for your convenience.

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